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How can you tell when the person you are dating (man or woman) is a jerk before getting serious together? If you are prone to this pattern inside your dating life, this simple check list below may be just what you need to turn that trend around.

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People often will highlight who they are immediately IF YOU PAY ATTENTION. If you are on "jerk-alert" watch out for these behaviors. The moment you start seeing these items, Go to avoid the heartache and headache these characters are renowned for.

   Watch for consistency in what s/he says and does. For instance. does the person follow through on what s/he says? You can even look for consistency between conversations. Liars often trip themselves up by being inconsistent with their stories.
   If they discuss their ex a great deal - this is a red flag waving - stay away! That person is not ready for relationship, regardless of what s/he says.
   If they discuss sex immediately - that's what they're most thinking about.
   If they talk about themselves and don't ask about you - you realize his/her favorite topic - themselves!
   If they profess strong feelings quickly, don't think a word of it. No one falls that fast, so don't get taken in by this sweet-talk that usually creates a broken heart.
   If they email plenty, try not to want to talk on the telephone or meet - move ahead! There are lots of people searching for racy pen pals, a fantasy relationships. Spare yourself the disappointment.

Here's the best telltale sign. If you find yourself making excuses for that person - red flag! Don't make excuses for people at the beginning of the connection. S/he is who s/he is, so don't justify rudeness, lateness, getting stood up or other unacceptable behavior because of the person's life situation or career issues.

People are on their very best behavior at the beginning of a relationship. That means you're already seeing the very best of the best. If you do not like what you see - do yourself a favor and admit it that it's not going to get any better.

If you want to be treated well, begin by treating yourself well. Don't put up with disrespectful behavior for any reason. Regardless of how cute, sexy, or rich the person is, or how lonely you're, ill-mannered people don't get nicer with increased time. The greater you respect yourself, the greater others will too.

Sometimes clients ask me - "If I've already started dating a jerk, is there any way to obtain him/her to be a lesser jerk?" Sorry, however i have to say, "no."

A jerk is really a jerk. The sooner you become popular, the sooner you are able to free yourself and save heartache and time. You can't change anybody, so don't even begin. That's a game where you will surely lose.

This can be a great time to be dating with nearly half of all Americans being single. Nothing you've seen prior has the single population been this big! Because of so many to choose from, why settle for the crumbs a jerk will throw you? Move on to connect with a person who adds to your life and teaches you the respect you deserve.

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