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Granite's durability and beautifully vivid patterns are the logic behind why this natural material remains the most popular choice for kitchen countertops. Granite can also be one of the most resilient stones to heat, stains and abrasions, which is why it's a firm favorite for almost all kitchen surfaces.

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An all natural stone quarried far below the Earth's service, the granite kitchen countertop you select continues to be over a thousand years within the making - so it will truly stand the test of time! Unlike synthetic imitations, an all natural material for example Granite offers unrivalled beauty and uniqueness - no two pieces are ever the same making your kitchen countertop elegantly distinctive.

When selecting a business from which to buy your new granite counters, make sure they are experienced, are proud of many and provide top quality granite from all over the planet. They should also offer installation services and help you discover the grade, color along with a number of edging finishes. Granite's popularity is everlasting and is one which will prove to add significant value to your house.

What to consider when choosing your granite


Probably the most distinguishable elements of granite is its diverse color scheme. Dependent upon a stone's mineralogy, the colors typically related to granite vary from muted beiges and rose pinks, classic black-and-whites to saturated reds, rich greens and even multi-colors.

Granite is quickly recognisable by its striking flecked or "pebbled" appearance. Its texture is an unmistakable manifestation of quality, igniting interior splendour in any home.

Natural sources offer varied appearances and charming characteristics, giving a one-of-a-kind appeal that simply can not be replicated with a machine, but you can rest assured that top supplier buy and install just the finest grades of granite.


Granite's longevity and durability are what get this to material a perfect countertop. However there are a number of different finishes available for Granite - all of which enhance the quality and seal the permanence of the gemstone. These are:

Polished Finish - This finish gives a shiny, mirror-like effect. It intensifies the colour and pattern adding much more sparkle to your stone. Polishing reduces Granite's porosity, which increases its resistance to humidity and chemical compounds widely used in your kitchen. It is really an ideal option for busy families.

Honed - This technique achieves a smooth, non-reflective surface, even though it could make your granite more porous so shouldn't be considered for a countertop that will be used regularly.

Brushed/Antiqued - This treatment provides a textured, slightly worn appearance that's a daring choice, which will add dramatic effect.

Flamed finishes - The act of exposing the granite to cause problems followed by intense cooling leaves the granite having a highly textured, slip-resistant surface - again a good choice for families.


Granite is recognised as one of the hardest stones for interior applications. Offering an impenetrable surface, it's nearly impossible for this to hack, undertake abrasions or scratches.

The high resistance to heat makes Granite an ideal surface for a kitchen where cooking appliances and hot cookware will be in use. With or without a finish, Granite's surface can be simply cleaned to remove bacteria. It's also extremely tolerable of tea, coffee, citric acid, alcohol and wine.

Granite is nearly impossible to stain, but you should ask your countertop vendor about sealants available to improve its resistance to staining. Once you've made your decision, be ready to love your granite countertops for many years in the future!

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